A Little Dab'll Do Ya
Season 1, Episode 10 (10th overall)
A Little Dab'll Do Ya
Written by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert
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"A Little Dab'll Do Ya" is the 10th episode of KaBlam!. It is the 10th episode of the first season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Henry and June introduce "Smell-O-Vision" as they let the viewers smell a large pane of glass.

Sniz and Fondue - "You Dummy!": Sniz gets jealous of a wooden dummy that Fondue associates with a lot.

Henry and June: June shows how cartoons can't feel pain, but Henry does.

Action League Now! - "Stink or Swim": Stinky Diver tries to get over his fear on saving a victim in a toilet. After being scared several times, he finally gets over it, reuniting with his long lost brother Stench Diver.

Henry and June: Curious as to finding her "long lost brother", June tries to plunge whatever is backing up the toilet. After she struggles, Henry tries to plunge, but he pulls up Mr. Foot, who then takes Henry back down into the toilet.

Life with Loopy - "20,000 Leagues Under the Sofa": Loopy looks for Larry's "lucky" baseball which is under the sofa, it takes her a while to find it, but she eventually does.

Henry and June: June makes a deranged statue of Henry, which looks nothing like him. She then redecorates Henry so he looks like the statue.

The Off-Beats: September gets annoyed by Betty-Anne Bongo, Tommy, and Repunzil.

Henry and June: Henry and June ride in a paper airplane and out of the comic book.

Trivia Edit