Better Than A Poke In The Eye
Season 2, Episode 8 (21st overall)
Better Than A Poke In The Eye
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi, Michael Rubiner, Jyllian Gunther
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"Better Than A Poke In The Eye" is the 21st episode of KaBlam!. It is the eighth episode of the second season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Henry and June are broadcasting from KaBlam! Studios where they host a tour. They see Loopy's house, and a naked guy running who looks similar to The Flesh.

Action League Now! - "Flesh and Blood": The Flesh's "parents" visit, for them to eventually turn out as frauds.

Henry and June: Henry and June wind up in a tunnel and encounter Prometheus and Bob on the tour.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #28, Trapping": Prometheus teaches Bob how to trap. "Tape #16, Spear": Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to use a spear.

Henry and June: Henry and June show everyone how sound effects on the show are made. Henry sits in the sound booth as he is crushed by an anvil, demonstrating the "crushing" sound effect.

Surprising Shorts (Lava): An unsuspecting wolf gets blown up by a bomb, and a lizard grabs a giant frog.

Henry and June: Henry and June let two kids into the Cartoon Theatre to live their KaBlam! hosting dream. Unfortunately, they turn out to be creepy and mock Henry and June.

The Off-Beats: Betty-Anne Bongo sprains her wrist, who is then bought a Junkyard Sundae by Grubby Groo. The Populars are jealous of her attention, so they fake injuries to get Grubby Groo to buy each of them Junkyard Sundaes as well. In the meantime, Betty-Anne Bongo tries to play the bongos with only one hand.

Henry and June: Henry and June end the tour on a high note with The Off-Beats Stunt Spectacular.


Henry and JuneEdit

Action League Now!Edit

Prometheus and BobEdit

  • Prometheus
  • Bob
  • Monkey
  • Prometheus's instructor (Tape #28 only)
  • Saber tooth tiger (Tape #28 only)


  • Wolf
  • Frog
  • Lizard

The Off-BeatsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • "Spear" is one of the few times in which Bob does something right in Prometheus and Bob.
  • Last appearance of Lava. The Lava segment and the Henry and June segment proceeding it were removed from Nicktoons airings due to copyright issues. This resulted in the episode being banned in the US, though it ran internationally without these bits.
  • This is one of a few episodes to feature two Prometheus and Bob segments in one showing.