Mike & Michael Dubbs, both referred to as Dubbs, are characters from the one-time Nicktoons Network short, The Little Freaks.


Dubbs wears a white shirt and tan pants. He wears sneakers, with one light blue and the other one is orange. He also wears a big clock medallion around his neck.

Dubbs consists of two Siamese infernal twins. He shares the same body, and say the same dialogue.

  • Mike: He is an African-American who wears a blue fedora. He has sharp teeth.
  • Michael: He is a red-head who has a bandage on his head.


These two don't really have arguments. They mostly get along with each other. Even though they don't look the same, they share the same body, mind, dialogue, heart, and ideas.

Quotes Edit

  • "If everyone is forced to wear No-Face's jumpsuits, everyone'll look the same!"
  • "A disco ball? Uhhh...Thanks!"