"Ka-Wow! Mr. Foot is throwing my in the trunk of a car! Just like Hector in episode #14 and Glenn Dilworth in episode #33....."

- Ryan Malloy

Going the Extra Mile
Season 4, Episode 9 (46th overall)
Going the Extra Mile
Written by Jay Martel
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"Going the Extra Mile" is the 46th episode of KaBlam!. It is the ninth episode of the fourth season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: It's Fan Appreciation Day, where a lucky individual will be chosen to star alongside Henry and June for the entire episode. Ryan Malloy, the "weird kid" from Henry and June's school, is drawn as the lucky winner.

Action League Now! - "Tune-up of Terror": Hodge Podge sabotages the League's car, which causes the League to think it's Meltman's fault, but they soon realize they made a mistake.

Henry and June: Ryan shows the viewers rare footage of Henry and June when they were little. June is shown in a diaper commercial, while Henry is shown getting kicked by a cow on America's Nuttiest Home Videos, which are embarrassing to them.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #406, Pet": Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to care for a pet.

Henry and June: Ryan gets to direct the next segment of the show, which annoys Henry and June as he makes "Henry and June" and "Henry and June rule!" banners show up all over the screen. 

The Little Freaks: Three freaky superheroes must stop No-Face and his clothe-eating moths.

Henry and June: Henry and June see Ryan taking the set as a souvenir, getting annoyed for the last time. After Ryan knocks over the contest bin with all the entry submissions and they spill out, Henry and June notice that all of the submissions have Ryan's name on them.

They Might Be Giants - "Doctor Worm" music video

Henry and June: Getting back at Ryan after he showed rare footage of them, Henry and June show him footage of him stuffing a box full of submissions with his name on them. He is then thrown in the trunk of a car by Mr. Foot, and driven away to the city dump.

Trivia Edit

  • This is Ryan's last appearance on the show, after debuting in The Henry and June Show.
  • In the second Henry and June segment, June uses the word "KaBlam-edy". Ryan refers the word to the first time she used it back in Episode 42, which was the episode "A Nut in Every Bite!". He also calls his fun facts "KaFun!" facts, making reference to the Season 3 episode.
  • Ryan getting thrown in the trunk of a car by Mr. Foot pays homage to earlier KaBlam! episodes where Hector and Glenn Dilworth were both stuffed in the trunk of a car on separate occasions in Won't Stick to Most Dental Work and The New Class, respectively.
  • This is the last episode produced.
  • This episode is available for download on Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek's website.