In It To Win It
Season 4, Episode 3 (40th overall)
In It To Win It
Written by Julie Bottenberg, Jay Martel, Robert Mittenthal, Michael Rubiner
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The Best of Both Worlds
"In It To Win It" is the 40th episode of KaBlam!. It is the third episode of the fourth season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: Henry and June see that they have a new set with a huge window with fans outside watching the show. Henry insults one of the fans, but then he gets punched.

Action League Now! - "Chickie Chickie Bang Bang": The Mayor releases many, many chicks that cause havoc in the town.

Henry and June: Outside with the fans, June interviews the June Jamboree from Juneau, Alaska, who are three fans that are dressed like her. They soon begin to get angry with her, thinking she isn't the real June. Henry ignores June as the crowd attacks her.

Prometheus and Bob: "Tape #412, Magnetism": Prometheus tries to teach Bob about magnetism.

Henry and June: As Henry and June see that the window isn't working out, Henry notices Mr. Foot taking his yearly shower, which causes the window to fog up and Henry and June are pleased until Mr. Foot uses the toilet, which stinks up the place. Henry and June quickly open the window and are pleased until the fans attack them.

Life with Loopy - "Time's Up": Loopy makes a remote that can rewind and forward time, but soon gets into court after she abuses it.

Henry and June: Henry and June decide to ignore the fans, but because of this, a burglar opens up the window, with good stealth, and the fans steal everything. Henry ignores the damage as well.

Garbage Boy: Danny makes a pet dog with garbage that he collects in attempt to fight back a bully whose pet snake eats up pets.

Henry and June: Henry and June are happy that the fans are gone until they realize no one is watching the show. They then call out for the fans to come back.



  • When Danny tries to shock the trash dog to activate it, when he jumps, his legs layers in front of part of the lab coat. The issue disappears when he is about to land in shock the trash dog.