It's Flavorific
Season 1, Episode 2 (2nd overall)
It's Flavorific
Written by Robert Mittenthal, Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi
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"It's Flavorific" is the second episode of KaBlam!. It is the second episode of the first season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: "Fanmails in Frolic" Henry and June read fan mail requests, which tells them to go away because the fans want "other" cartoons.

Sniz and Fondue - "Stuntbike Sniz": Sniz starts to do dangerous motorcycle stunts.

Henry and June: "The Olympic Furniture Games" June races a chair, and somewhat wins.

Action League Now! - "No Fly Zone": The Mayor kidnaps two kids and Thundergirl is the only one who can save them, but she loses her ability to fly.

Henry and June: "Barbara Schecter" June thinks up of a cool superhero named Barbara Schecter, which Henry scoffs at until he gets fed up her nose.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #25, Clothing": Prometheus teaches Bob how to clothe. "Tape #17, Wheel": Prometheus tries to teach Bob how to move a wheel.

Henry and June: "Tricky Try-Ons" Henry and June try on different helmets, but June makes a mistake choosing a piano.

Life with Loopy - "Trouble with Inflation": Loopy tries to stop her dad's bills coming in the mail, and she fails but then sends her dad a heartwarming letter in the mail to try to make him happy.

Henry and June: "Offensive for Real" Henry tricks June into turning the last page, and afterwards, she beats him up.


Henry and June 1Edit


Henry and June wants the viewer to make Kablam! their new favorite show by taking requests. June reads the first one telling Henry to put his hand on his face, so June can slap him as she sent the request to herself. Henry reads another request that wants them to go away because they want cartoons. This dissatisfies Henry and June, and June says they're cartoons, but Henry finds it actually means "other cartoons". With that said, they try to give it to the viewer by showing another cartoon not related to them, Sniz and Fondue.

Sniz and FondueEdit

Stuntbike Sniz

Sniz is seen at the motorshop store wanting to get a very powerful motorcycle so everyone can see him as "Stuntbike Sniz". He finds a motorcycle to name it "Gretchen". While Sniz is riding around the motorcycle, Bianca tells Fondue that Sniz is doing stunts, causing Fondue to get scared about Sniz. Sniz tries outside to jump ramps in between a cupcake and a pizza box before choosing to jump the house. Sniz builds a large ramp and the neighborhood is now watching. Sniz gets ready to jump, but Fondue tries to call the ones watching "uncaring", only to be stopped by Stuntbike Sniz merchandise. Sniz jumps the house, but crashes into the window. He exits out the other side of the house by windows, but ends up crashing into trees before landing. He goes unharmed, which causes the neighborhood to cheer and go to him on the other side. While Sniz tries to tell that stuntbiking is not for everyone, the motorcycle shakes and then collapses on Sniz. Fondue, now at the hospital with Sniz, now has a newspaper with Sniz on the cover, making Sniz very happy.

Henry and June 2Edit


Henry tells that the viewer is now seeing that June is about to do a chair stunt. Henry then gets ready for June to activate the chair. When Henry says "Chair", it only tips over, and then the parachute opens up. Henry calls that a tip of the stumper and tells the viewer to brace themselves for action as Action League Now! is next.

Action League Now!Edit

No Fly Zone

In Dirty Kitchen Industrial Park, Thundergirl is seen flying around, but The Mayor puts a liquid (toothpaste) onto Thundegirl to make her lose her powers. The Flesh smashes the glass open, and a brick with a ransom note appears. With that said, they reach the birdhouse in which the Mayor with the 2 kids are in, but because Thundergirl cannot fly, the team tries to see if balloons would work. However, it could not get down, and Stinky Diver pops the balloons too early. The Mayor now has a shaver to try to attack the children. The team tries using Thundergirl on a slingshot, and it hits the birdhouse. Just in time, the kids are now torturing the Mayor. Thundergirl gets her powers back, but ends up flying to the power line.

Henry and June 3Edit


June and Henry is seen in a conversation about the Action League, with June saying that Meltman is a dink, and thinking of an invincible superhero named "Barbara Schecter". Henry says it is the stupidest name he ever heard, but ends up upsetting Barbara Schecter and gets stuffed up in Barbara Schecter's nose. He then changes his mind saying it is a "not bad" name.

Prometheus and BobEdit


Tape 25: Prometheus is seen putting clothing on Bob, and then shows a mirror to Bob. This causes Bob to get scared and run away. This time, Prometheus is seen trying to get Bob to the mirror, but the Monkey screeches Bob out. Bob is now smooching the mirror, until Prometheus puts a hat on. The Monkey is now trying to steal some clothing from Prometheus, but this causes Prometheus to fall and become unconscious. Bob also eats the hat. Bob tries on Prometheus's spacesuit, but the monkey, now in a lab coat with a skullhead, scares Bob (and Prometheus) and ends the tape.

Tape 17: Bob tries to rolls the wheel, but ends up crashing it into the spaceship. Prometheus grabs parts of a unicycle from his now broken spaceship and throws it to Bob, but Bob ducks under them, and the monkey builds it and rides on it. Prometheus is still trying to teach Bob, but the monkey is causing some disturbance. Prometheus freezes the monkey, and Bob rolls it away. Now that Bob knows how to roll a monkey, he rolls the wheel to the camera. While Prometheus is trying to fix the camera, Bob is rolling the spaceship, in which they go after. However, the spaceship is now chasing after them, and the monkey bashes it to the camera.

Henry and June 4Edit

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.52.24 AM

Henry and June is seen in a whirlpool, in which it actually was a laundry machine and fan. Henry says something is missing, which is helmets. They both try to make up helmets like a jar and sheep, until June picks the piano. She throws it up, but it comes crashing down. Henry says that was not very smart and he administers first-aid to June. June says she's icehead before Life with Loopy starts.

Life with LoopyEdit

Trouble With Inflation

Larry Cooper says that his dad is laid back, except when it comes to bills, in which he gets very angry. To Loopy, it seems to be from the mailman, and when it comes to melting icy hearts, Loopy is a total "blowtorch". Loopy tries to be nice to the mailman, but before she finishes, the mailman gives Loopy the bills. Larry says that Loopy then tries to scare the mailman by turning the house "haunted", but the mailman does not become scared, and the haunted part of the house crashes down when dad screams. Larry then says that Loopy tries to switch gears and get away from the mailman by inflating the house. They did not have any problems until the mailman made a bicycle-helicopter hybrid and gives them the bills. Dad screams again, now enough to cause him to jump to the ceiling, deflating the house. After all of that, Larry would think the viewer thought Loopy would had given up, but actually, Loopy sends a nice mail on top of the bills, which makes Dad happy.

Henry and June 5Edit


June is seen jumping on a couch, and would only continue the show if she could turn the pages. After complaining, Henry says she can turn the page. June does, causing the last page to be turned. This upsets June and she tries to beat up Henry while he is still laughing. The narrator says "Join us again next time", June beats up Henry, and then the "Same Kablam! time, same Kablam! network" plays.


Henry and JuneEdit

Sniz and FondueEdit

Action League Now!Edit

Prometheus and BobEdit

Life with LoopyEdit

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of a few episodes to feature two Prometheus and Bob segments in one showing.
  • The episode is available for download on Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek's website.
  • It is the last episode to use the black background with episode flashbacks on the credits. It is also greatly shortened from the previous episode.


  • The glass of the house broken because of Sniz's motorcycle seems to repair itself to be unbroken for a few frames. This occurs on both sides.
  • When June is saying "Pianohead", her head layers in front of the piano after she picks it up but before she throws it. Otherwise, it is behind the piano.
  • After Loopy inflates the house, it is different than normal:
    • When it is inflated, part of the roof is seen on top of the garage.
    • When it is deflating, the garage is missing.


Henry and June 1Edit

Prometheus and BobEdit

Tape 25Edit

Tape 17Edit