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"Y'know, the best part was goofing off in the studio with @kidblue (Noah Segan) and our amazing directors, writers and engineers. We laughed. A lot. :-)" -Julia McIlvaine on her favorite part of KaBlam!

Julia McIlvaine (born October 13, 1986 in Los Angeles, CA) is an American actress, who voiced June and Dawn on KaBlam!.

In addition to KaBlam!, McIlvaine has been on numerous television shows, theater plays, and commercials. She starred as Pamela Taylor on the CBS show Judging Amy, Sally in the CBS show Danny and provided the voice for characters Bambi, Calleigh Duquesne, Cruella de Vil and Cristina Yang on the Cartoon Network animated show MAD, which Henry and June segment creator Mark Marek helped produce.

McIlvaine also competed on the Women's Rowing Team at the University of Southern California and is also athletically skilled in snow skiing and equestrian.

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