"KaBlam!" Season 1 Intro01:08

"KaBlam!" Season 1 Intro

Season 1

"KaBlam!" Season 2 Intro01:03

"KaBlam!" Season 2 Intro

Season 2

"KaBlam!" Theme Song (HQ)01:16

"KaBlam!" Theme Song (HQ)

Seasons 3 & 4

The song is called "2-Tone Army" by The Toasters, but is credited as by the Moon Ska Stompers.

Pick up the masses.

Assume the crash position.

Hold on tight...

Take a deep breath...

(Seasons 1-2)...for a new kind of cartoon show!

(Seasons 3-4) ...for a cartoon cramaganza!

[music plays]

IIIIIIIIIIIIIT'S KABLAM! Where cartoons and comics collide!

Now to take you inside and turn the pages, here are your hosts, Henry and June.

[The music plays as Henry and June dance to it. Then they flip and the song ends.]

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