Psyched for Snuppa (Sniz and Fondue Pilot)05:07

Psyched for Snuppa (Sniz and Fondue Pilot)

Psyched for Snuppa is the pilot episode for the KaBlam! short, Sniz and Fondue.

Plot Edit

Sniz, Fondue and the gang have trouble when they babysit two crazy babies.

Synopsis Edit

To Be Added

Trivia Edit

  • Here are differences from the KaBlam! short
  • There was originally rotated oval dots on Fondue's head, it was removed when KaBlam! began to air.

More info of the first part of the Trivia coming soon.

  • This pilot episode was produced by John R. Dilworth.
  • This wasn't on the Stretch Films YouTube channel, but it was found by a YouTube user on the Stretch Films website.

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