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"Hey KaBlamoids! Now's that time in our show where we take a look at some surprising shorts!"

Surprising Shorts is a segment on KaBlam! that featured one-time (or twice) airing shorts. These shorts also usually had nothing to do with any previous shorts included on the show.

In Season 1, the shorts were preceded by an intro featuring Henry and June, where June pulls down Henry's pants, revealing boxers with flowers, ducks, puppies or bumblebees.

In Seasons 2-4, they are introduced like any other short on the show (in Seasons 3 and 4 usually Henry or June would announce it is the world premiere of the short to show that it was a big deal)

Shorts that showed on the segment include Lava, Anemia and Iodine, Randall Flan's Incredible Big-Top, and Emmett Freedy.

KaBlam!- Anemia and Iodine

KaBlam!- Anemia and Iodine

Anemia and Iodine - one of the one-time airing shorts on KaBlam!

List of ShortsEdit

  • Lava - This short is the most recurring out of them all, first appearing in Comics for Tomorrow Today. It is considered to be mostly random, usually having segments that are all different. Its copyright for KaBlam! has expired, and thus depending on how long they are, they are either cut from episodes (if it is short) or episodes with it has been banned (for longer segments).
  • Anemia and Iodine - This short only appeared in What The Astronauts Drink. It involves two girls trying to find a cat, who is a ghost, in a haunted house.
  • Angela Anaconda - It made its only two appearances in Untitled and Comics of Champions. This short revolves around a girl named Angela Anaconda, who is a social outcast who finds herself unpopular in school and always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was later aired as a series that aired on Fox Family from 1999 to 2002. Its copyright for KaBlam! has expired, and thus all episodes with it was banned in the US.