Takes a Knockin' and Keeps Tick-Tockin'
Season 4, Episode 2 (39th overall)
Takes a Knockin' and Keeps Tick-Tockin'
Written by Adam Idelson, Jay Martel, Robert Mittenthal, Michael Rubiner
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"Takes a Knockin' and Keeps Tick-Tockin'" is the 39th episode of KaBlam!. It is the second episode of the fourth season.

Segments Edit

Henry and June: After opening the show, Henry lands on a nail and hurts his foot. Eventually, other items from the studio begin to fall on Henry, who has had enough and calls the show's network executive, Mr. Stockdale. Mr. Stockdale arranged for Henry to get injured because it brings in high ratings and money. "Funny is money!"

Action League Now! - "Winds of Evil": The Mayor has a fan that causes a freak windstorm, planning to use it against the League.

Henry and June: Henry pickets against the idea of his injuries. As June tries to reassure him, she also gets injured.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #400, IQ Test": Bob takes an IQ test.

Henry and June: Henry and June both rebel against Mr. Stockdale and after he tries to bribe them with a shiny roll of dimes, they quit.

Life with Loopy - "Mister Macho": Larry becomes very strong, in order to beat a bully, but his incredible strength becomes a problem.

Henry and June: While walking the streets after quitting their jobs, Henry and June notice that robot replicas of them, named Herbie and Jane, have replaced them as hosts of KaBlam!. They plan to go beg for their jobs back.

Fuzzball: Fuzzball must find a way to fix her dad's broken bowling trophy, in which she broke.

Henry and June: Henry and June beg to Mr. Stockdale for their jobs back. After being rejected, they unplug the robots, making Mr. Stockdale rehire them, though they both get injured once again.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of Fred Stockdale.

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