Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 3.33.58 PM

Tina keeping Betty Anne Bongo's glasses "warm"

Tina is the leader of The Populars on the KaBlam! short The Off-Beats, voiced by Kathleen Fasolino. Tina is the mean-spirited leader of the Populars. If the Off-Beats ever have any [shown] self-esteem, she is there to squash it. Despite her bad attitude, she seems to be intelligent as she is curious of Betty Anne Bongo's inability of reacting to her negative comments. Some of her insults mean little to no sense, or deemed too childish as in one episode, she called paddleball "Stupid" and said that Betty Anne would get "bumpkis" once Repunzil wins the Sweepstakes. She is something of a stereotypical "school diva".

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