Tryla is a character from the one-time Nicktoons Network short, The Little Freaks.

Appearance Edit

Tryla has three eyes and three eyebrows. Her outfit consists of a burgundy dress with orange daises and a burgundy top hat with a yellow daisy. She also wears double gold earrings and dark shoes.

Info Edit

Tryla is second in command of the Little Freaks. She is a fashion genius. She is the one with the most dialogue (the second is Braingel).

Quotes Edit

  • "Freaks! We gotta do something."
  • "The sheer fabric of self-expression is dangling by a thread."
  • "Besides, jumpsuits are an assault on a person's sense of self-identity."
  • "Aha!"
  • "Hey uhhh, where's Dubs?"