Henry and June are drawn as they were in Season 4. Sniz & Fondue is expected to make a return to the show, though with a different production company. The Off-Beats may also return. Surprising Shorts also makes its return in the season 5 premiere. The intro used this season is the same used in seasons 1-2. Also the Skaternity-like song is used for the ending theme once again.

KaBlam! Special Double Edition

The season premiere.

Henry & June: Henry and June are excited to be back after so song, "about 12 years long" as June puts it.

Sniz & Fondue: Sniz hypnotizes Fondue, but doesn't know how to snap him out of the trance

Henry & June: Henry and June are being mobbed by crazed fans

Action LEague Now: In the Whinne of Fire. Pop star Blandi falls for Meltman

Henry & June: June accidentally injures Henry with a lawn mower

'Surprising Shorts'(Lava): Unknown plot

Promethius and Bob: Car. Promethius tries to teach Bob how to drive a car

Life With Loopy: Loopy gets trapped in a funhouse

The Adventures of Patchhead: Kudzu tries to cheat his way to victory in a bet for control of the city


  • This is an hour long episode
  • This episode may premiere worldwide on the same night
  • This episode may be produced a few weeks before it premieres, to allow Nickelodeon in other countries to dub the diaglogu in time
  • June says it was about 12 years lonng before the the season 5 premire, referring to the time lapse btween the season 4 finale and this episode

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