Year Round Fun
Season 3, Episode 6 (32nd overall)
Year Round Fun
Written by Francis Gasparini
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"Year Round Fun" is the 32nd episode of KaBlam!. It is the sixth episode of the third season.

Henry and June: The writers of KaBlam! go on strike, leaving Henry and June clueless on what to do.

Sniz and Fondue - "The Great Chili Cookoff": Sniz and Fondue enter a chili competition, with the winner getting to ride in a fire truck. After disagreeing on things, they oppose each other and cook their own individual chili to enter in the competition. In the end, they apologize to each other, but cause an explosion, with neither one of them getting to ride in the fire truck.

Henry and June: Henry and June do and say everything backwards, trying to prove they can handle the show without the writers. This idea soon fails.

Action League Now! - "Mad Dogs and Englishmen": A dog befriends Stinky Diver, but Stinky soon realizes that this dog was under cover working for the Mayor so he can plan revenge.

Henry and June: Henry tries to do a magic act, where he pulls things out of Mr. Foot's ear, such as a coin and bird. However, this idea goes awry as Henry pulls Mr. Foot's brain out of his ear.

Prometheus and Bob - "Tape #254, Bed": Bob tries to learn how to sleep on a bed.

Henry and June: Henry and June come to do what they originally always did on the show, which was Mr. Foot injuring Henry.

Life with Loopy - "Sweet Dreams": Loopy tries to stop Larry from having the same repeating dream. After visiting a studio and battling a monster, she succeeds.

Henry and June: The writers come back to the show, relieving Henry and June.

Trivia Edit

  • Final appearance of Sniz and Fondue
  • KaBlam! intern Lyle Baxter appears in the first Henry and June segment as the cue card operator, giving the viewer the idea that he landed a job with the "crew" of the show.

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